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    Hendrik Conscience Heritage Library

    The library for Dutch literature, Flemish cultural heritage and the history of Antwerp

As a library, we have the responsibility to prevent the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19. That’s why the library and the reading room will close until the 3rd of April 2020. All our planned activities will be cancelled until then.
Marlena Cravens investigates how Spanish texts and translations were used to transform the languages and cultures of the original population of the Americas. Elise Watson will investigate how Antwerp printers of the seventeenth and eighteenth century applied their presses to the benefit of catholic people in the Dutch Republic.
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De globes van Blaeu
Two of the masterpieces in the collection of the Nottebohm Room are Blaeu’s celestial and terrestrial globes. Our online exhibition discusses their history, their maker, their relevance and their restoration.
De Nottebohmzaal
The Nottebohm Room is a hidden gem. The first 150,000 items in the library’s catalogue are preserved here in a breath-taking, historical setting. The doors only swing open for exhibitions, lectures, concerts or guided tours. And when they do, it’s like a breath of magic.
The building and the collection both are considered Flemish heritage. The story of the Hendrik Conscience Heritage Library started in 1481, with 41 books. Today it is one of the most important heritage libraries in Flanders.