The Heritage Library globes

In January 1836, Baron de Pret de Terveken, mayor of Hemiksem and a well-known Maecenas, donated a celestial and a terrestrial globe to the City of Antwerp.


This is how the globes found a home in the City Library, which at that time was still located on the second floor in the Town Hall.

The terrestrial globe

The terrestrial globe dates back to 1645-1648. It incorporates additions by Joan Blaeu. New discoveries in Australia were added into this edition, based on travel reports of the Dutch discoverer, Abel Tasman.

The celestial globe

The positions of the stars marked on the celestial globe are mostly those recorded by Tycho Brahe. These observations, of the highest accuracy possible at the time, were subsequently complemented with 300 positions of the southern constellations, as measured by Frederik Houtman.